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Job Jar

Picking up toys is the bane of my existence.  Ok, not really, but it does drive me crazy.  Cupcake (2 1/2) and Sprinkles (13 mo.) love to play but didn’t think picking up was much fun.

So I made a “job jar”. I used a container my hand could fit into and that also had a lid.  (I used a baby food cereal can.)  I wrote out different jobs on colored paper, cut them into slips and put them in the jar.

Some examples of jobs are:

  • Pick up dress up clothes and put them in the toy box
  • Pick up Barbies and put them in the toy bin
  • Put books back on bookshelf
  • Put together puzzles and store on shelf

The girls pick a job or two before lunch and bedtime.  They are very cooperative if I help.  Sometimes it would be quicker to do it myself, but I really want them to learn how to pick up after themselves.  So I am taking the time now to teach them and they are eager to learn at this age.

They are usually excited to take a turn picking a job and “getting” to pick up their toys.  It’s working like a charm for now.

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